Potrero Commons 18th-Wisconson

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Unfinished History


Early 1990s view of the Potrero Commons.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


Overlooking former Western Pacific tunnel (collapsed in 1960), site of Potrero Commons struggle 1990-1992, now the Arkansas & 18th Lofts built by the former Goodman Group.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Image:Arkansas lofts.jpg

These lofts along Arkansas Street were built on the former open space of the Potrero Commons, thanks to a multi-party political deal with Mayor Frank Jordan, the Goodman Group, and the developers.

Photo: Chris Carlsson

Image:Arkansas lofts behind.jpg

The top of the loft construction is about where the railroad tunnel collapsed in 1962, after fire weakened the wooden support structures inside. The tunnel was soon closed and filled. It was thirty years before the space was built on.

Photo: Chris Carlsson


Arkansas and 19th, hole indicating collapsed tunnel beneath.

Photo: Potrero Hill Archive Project

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